Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

A respected Internet friend recently told me that it was hard to read my previous blog post, with its references to BDSM. This is not the first ugly topic on this blog either – there are references here to marital rape, child abuse, and adult daughters calling themselves possessions of their father.

I wish my blogging could be all sunshine and light, glorifying Jesus and proclaiming his good plans. I get depressed about all the ugliness too. I wish I could do the “The great philosophy – and Power – behind the egalitarian world view”  header in my previous post, without the “Two groups, one Orwellian message” header. I even wish people understood well enough that the “Two groups, one Orwellian message” points will stand on their own without the “The problem with these philosophies” points.

But, as the name of a recent CBE (Christians for Biblical Equality) conference also states, ideas have consequences. And sometimes, we have to show people the true, depraved consequences of those other philosophies.

Yes, this blog has references to darkness. But so does the Bible. But in the Bible, Go(o)d wins. I pray that this blog would point in the direction where Go(o)d wins.

Dear reader, do you have ideas how I can put the ugly things on this blog in a more useful or less triggering light? Please tell me.

good evil2

Comments on: "Retha, why is your blog so ugly?" (1)

  1. I guess it’s not so hard for me to read these things because I’m painfully aware of how ugly and ever present this ugly side of humanity is, including some of the places where it has infiltrated the church.

    But you can get rid of this ugly filtration if you refuse to look at it and identify it. It’s like trash collectors or garbage men. It’s a dirty job, but somebody(ies) has to do it. Those who don’t have to do it, well, they should be thankful for that and appreciate those who are willing to address these things.


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