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Christian myths on gender and gender roles

[A] Nature of God, men, and women

Myth #1: God is male. He describes Himself only in masculine terms throughout the Bible.

Myth #2: Women are more easily deceived.

[B] Creation, Adam and Eve

Myth #1: God said Adam should rule Eve

Myth #2: The male is the direct image of God, and the female the derivative.

Myth #3: The person naming has authority over the person being named. Adam named Eve, and this shows that he was the leader over Eve.

Myth#4: God calling ‘Adam, where are you?’ is evidence for male headship

 [ C ] Face value reading

Myth #1: You could simply read the Bible on face value to find the truth.

Myth #1a: You could simply read “the man is head of the woman” on face value.

Myth #1b: You could simply read “women should remain silent in the churches” on face value.

Myth #1c: You could simply read “I am not allowing a woman to teach or have authority over a man” on face value.

Myth #2: The Bible was translated correctly up to now, and allowing Christian feminist interpretations could only hinder good scripture translation.

[D] Marriage, marital submission, and divorce

Myth #1: Marriage is meant to be an illustration of Christ’s relationship with the church, so that people are turned to God by seeing husbands in authority and wives in submission. The husband plays the Christ role and the wife the church role.

Myth #2: To submit means to obey.

Myth #3: It’s the wife’s responsibility to keep her husband and the marriage happy. If she’s being submissive enough, then everything else will fall into place in the relationship.

Myth #4: “God hates divorce” means wives should stay with abusive husbands.

Myth#5: Abuse in marriage cannot be blamed on complementarianism/ patriarchy, because complementarianism/ patriarchy preach men should love their wives.

Myth #6: 1 Peter 3:6 says wives should obey like Sarah did

Myth #7: Christians divorce more than unbelievers

Myth #8: The Bible says husbands should lead their wives and their households.

[E] Callings, gender roles

Myth #1: The 12 apostles were men because God prefers men.

Myth #2: Men should lead in the church, and women should follow.

Myth #3: Everyone should live according to their gender role, and gender roles should find an echo in every human heart.

Myth #4: Motherhood/ wifehood is a woman’s highest calling.

Myth #5: Titus 2:4-5 commands women to obey their husbands, to stay at home, and to love their husbands and children.

Myth #6: God calls only men to be providers, and provision is a Biblical manhood role

[F] Egalitarians

Myth #1: Egalitarians believe men and women are exactly alike.

Myth #2: Egalitarian marriage is about both partners giving only 50% each and not willing to do more than 50% of the housework or other chores.

Myth #3: Women who desire biblical equality want to be like men.

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