Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

Myth: “God prefers men. We can see that in the 12 disciples being male.”

This is factually wrong, as he had women disciples too. (He had 12 chosen disciples, but many others that were not “the twelve”. A disciple merely mean a follower of Jesus’ teachings.) And one female apostle, Junia, is mentioned in the New Testament.

But even if He did not, or if you want to reason that these 12 were special in some way, the conclusion still does not follow.

To see the problems with the argument, insert another quality they had: God prefers Galileans because the 12 were all from Galilea; he prefers fishermen to shopkeepers or farmers or teachers because none of them were in these professions; he prefers 1st century people; he prefers men in dresses to men in pants.

It is absurd to say God will always choose one group for a task because he once did. Jesus could have chosen them for practical reasons (It is safer and more practical in that world to choose men for a traveling ministry group than women, for example. And slave owners may object if he took their slaves, therefore he took free citizens. Some claim that a certain amount of Jewish men counted towards the ancient Jewish equivalent of a quorum for meetings) or for symbolical reasons. God does not tell us he chose them because he prefer men, and it is presumptuous to pretend to know His motives.

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