Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

There was a woman who constantly referred to herself as a “Christian person” – never as a Christian woman. A wise friend sensed that she had a problem with accepting her womanhood, and told her to stand in front of the mirror, look into it, and thank God for making her a woman. It took her weeks to be able to do it.

Her story is not my story. I call myself a woman or a person, depending on the situation, and the reason this blog is called “Biblical personhood” is because, even though I acknowledge gender differences, nothing (or perhaps hardly anything) in Christianity is for one gender only.

But after reading that, I tried the exercise a few weeks ago. I looked in the mirror. My first thought was that I looked tired. (I had a rough time at work just before that.) And then I prayed: “Thank you, Lord, for making me. Thank you for giving me this heart and this brain. Thank you for the intelligence you gave me, the health…

And thank you for making me a woman, because You must have had some reason for it. But why did You do it, Lord?”

Unlike this woman, the prayer was easy for me. I walked away from the exercise knowing this is important: God made me a woman for some reason, and I wanted to know at least one of His reasons for it.

Of course, if I had a husband and children, it would have been easy: God made me a woman to give love to and be loved by this man. He made me a woman to have these children. But I do not have that, so I cannot think that way.

I like several allegedly girly things like handcrafts, staying at home and wearing dresses, although I do none of them every day. But these are trivial in themselves, and I can’t say God made me a woman for them.

Most of the meaningful things I do – like teaching Sunday school or helping other people – can be done by men too. God did not have to make me a woman for them.

And now, an answer came.

If I was a man, I would not have had the experiences that led me to start this blog. With the messages on this blog, God enabled me to reach out to others who need it.

I am also a woman to confound the accusation that women who believe in mutuality and equality only care about feelings, not facts. Someone who dated absolutely no man before age 37, because of the fact that none of the males who showed an interest could live up to complementarian manhood, does not put feelings ahead of facts. Someone who only dated after learning new facts about the meaning of head in the Bible (a meaning by which the man do not have to make wiser decisions or live closer to God) certainly puts facts ahead of feelings.

I am a single woman to ask what the complementarian role of the single woman is – and thereby expose complementarian doctrine as impractical and not prescribed by God.

Perhaps, someday, I will know more reasons why God made me a woman. But I am glad he did. This blog is important enough, in His eyes, to make up for menstrual cramps, a desire to be a mother that may never be filled (I think most men have a lesser desire to be fathers, but there are exceptions), and often not being able to go where I want to – especially after dark – for safety reasons. I am, for now, a woman in order to be an object lesson on how there really are no gender roles for some Christian women to live their lives by.

Thank you, God, for making me a woman.

Comments on: "Thank you, God, for making me a woman!" (2)

  1. I Thank God for making you a woman, who is so very able to articulate REAL biblical personhood, and to then share it on this blog with others!!! Whenever satan tries to hit me with his doubt in this, I go to this web site, and am refereshed once more…


  2. KM said….

    This is a very timely article. I have a similar mission. I’m always looking to encourage, empower and liberate women from a Biblical standpoint. Coincidentally, I was talking to a Christian woman the other day who said she hated being a woman because of all the disparaging women face. I’m going to send her your link. Here’s the link to her article just in case you want to encourage her or just read it as confirmation and inspiration to keep fighting the good fight. Thanks!

    For some reason a message pops up before entering her blog, but it’s the right one.


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