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There is a little question I sometimes ask those who strongly believe in hierarchy and authority structures. (Here and here are more discussions of the question.

The question comes down to: Suppose a girl is molested by her father. What would you do to help her?

This is a dilemma for strong believers in patriarchal authority, as their doctrine say he is her authority figure and she should submit. People like Jonathan Lindvall say mothers should no more interfere in how their husband treat their children, than they should with the raising of anyone else’s. On the other hand, any decent human being know that children should be protected.

Now, a strong believer in patriarchal authority responded. (Linda T did not admit, in so many words, to being from Patriarchy/Quiverfull, but she certainly did defend patriarchy in her responses.)

Linda T said that going to the law “could be” God’s will. Linda would encourage her to “appeal[ing] to the authority (including governmental) God has given to her for her protection“, and “still trust[ing] God to teach her and refine her (if she is a believer) while in her situation.” (Bold mine.) “Ongoing anger, bitterness, and vengeance cannot be God’s will for her.”

I tried to get her to elaborate, and pointed out that someone who tells this hypothetical girl to work on her attitude while in her situation, probably wants her to stay there at first. I know that “appealing to authority (including governmental)” probably mean, in patri-speak, that some other authorities – mainly the father – should usually be consulted prior to involving the government. Meanwhile, she should, in the view of Linda T, see that she don’t stay angry and bitter “while in that situation.”

My attempt to get Linda to elaborate may have been asked in a too interrogation-like style, but I am sure that is not why she refuse to do so. She refuse to answer, so I believe, because the answer will show the real nature of hierarchal religion.

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  1. I invited Linda T over here, as she points out – and rightly so – that this discussion is off topic in the comment thread where we started it.

    About her ” I would encourage [her] to seek out protection ” answer: That hardly touches the issue here. All normal people would want her to be safe and the criminal prosecuted. But in patriarchal doctrine, that want is a lower priority than the want for proper authority channels to be followed.

    Some ex-patriarchal mothers admit they allowed child abuse by fathers – it was not their place to interfere, by their doctrine. I am sure all of these mothers wanted safety for their children, and some even got drawn to Patriarchy because it promised to be good for their children. But when they overlooked the abuse, there was something they wanted more than safety and justice for their children – to stay within the rigid patriarchal structures their community prescribes.

    So my questions about her immediate priorities still stands. (She is welcome to ignore question 3 and 4, though.)

    Linda, I would love to be wrong in my suspicions – the less people agree with those patriarchal authority priorities, the safer the children!

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