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Hierarchy and a culture of midgets

Babushka dolls fit into each other, with each being larger smaller than the previous one. Hierarchal teachings fit children into the mold vision of their fathers. They don’t fit into every niche of that mold perfectly follow that vision imperfectly, and become smaller than their fathers. The children grow up, and marry. The boy, now a man, attempts to fit his wife into his mold. Not being him, she fills the mold imperfectly. The girl, now a woman, try to fit into her husband’s mold. Since he is not exactly like her father and has a different “vision”, chanches are that she will have to shrink in some areas to fit. Their children fits mostly into mum’s mold, as mum is the one who home-school them. They grow up and marry… Smaller, smaller, ever smaller… A hierarchy of authority where everyone has to keep to everything their fathers and husbands taught, true or not, is a recipe for a society of midgets.

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