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Christian Patriarchy, a short answer

This was asked on my blog some time ago:

Hi Biblicalpersonhood,

I study about this movement referred to as Stay at Home Daughters, or Christian Patriarchy. It would like daughters to stay in the family home doing housework. They do not want their women to go to university or functioning outside the household, she should be under the protection of her father/husband. (more…)

Is Christian Patriarchy Biblical? Links

I see that my blog is often reached by people searching for: “Is Christian patriarchy biblical?” or things like that. They usually reach this article. I think that article is a great heart reason for absolute disgust with these twisted ideas. But if you Google this, you seem to be asking for head reasons – a comparison between what the Bible teaches and what Bill Gothard, Doug Phillips, ATI, IBLP, Vision Forum, etc. teaches.

I’d recommend that the askers rather go to Jensgems or to The Tenets of Unbiblical Patriarchy? Those blogs have detailed discussions, tenet by tenet, of “Christian” patriarchy. (Warning: There are unsubstantiated claims about egalitarianism and feminism on the Jensgems discussion. However, Jen takes an honest and substantiated look at the tenets of patriarchy.)

Jen comes to this conclusion:

I… found that the biblical support for Patriarchy is actually quite weak, or at least the biblical support that is used in the official “Biblical Tenets of Patriarchy” is weak… I am starting to wonder if much of it isn’t extra-biblical… Patriarchy probably falls more into the category of a personal lifestyle decision, rather than something that’s biblically mandated.

M.M. Johann of Tenets of Unbiblical Patriarchy? feels stronger about it:

The Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy … do not see scripture as sufficient. The Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy writers had to add to scripture a lot to fit their tenets…

If you want short answers:

> Here Mara Reid contrasts it to a saying by Jesus.

>Kristen Rosser  compares the woman’s role in the Quiverfull movement to how the New Testament views women, and claims patriarchal submission does not glorify God.

>Adam comments that Quiverfull is a false gospel.

>Recovering Grace writes a letter to IBPL Basic Seminar attendees. It say grace -a very central gospel concept – does not mean what Gothard say it does, and IBPL misuse the Bible.

>Cynthia Kunsman explains the problems with patriarchy here.

>And Adam Taylor Ross calls patriarchy heresy , distortion of the trinity , and a denial of Christ’s exclusive mediation

>If you actually want to read something on my blog, read this post. It shows how the patriarchial view of male headship distorts the gospel.

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