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Parents versus Sunday School, or parents and Sunday school together: Who should teach children about God?



Mother and Daughter Reading Together


If you are at all interested in a topic like this one, you probably value the the Bible highly. After all, you probably want children to be taught the Bible. You want them to be taught in the manner the Bible prescribes, or, if the Bible does not clearly prescribe something, at least in a way consistent with the principles taught in Scripture.

Me too. I heard claims that teaching children about God is mainly/ only a parental task, and children should not be separated from their parents for instruction. These claims seem to be the basis of so-called family integrated churches. This post will look at what the Bible say of teaching children. Who should do it? And does the Bible say all ages should stay together for it?

First principle: Children are people

If we forget that children are people, we would ignore many texts that the Bible gives about teaching. We will forget them for the simple reason that they do not include the word children. But children are people and some children are believers, so texts that apply to teaching people in general, or believers in particular, usually (unless we have good reason to believe the opposite)  apply to teaching children too. (more…)

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