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The aliens who loved to be in charge

On a planet far away from here, a wise teacher taught the planet’s two groups of aliens, the Wouples and Mouples, something about working together. He said:

Every one of you, zysdeel(1) each other, and Wouples zysdeel(1) Mouples. Think of the example your great leader set: He grabowzed(2) for you all, so should Mouples do for Wouples.

Now zysdeel(1) was a word with two meanings: The one is to obey as if the other knows better, the other meaning is to work together.

And grabowze(2) was a verb with the meaning of giving in to another, or giving away to another, of surrendering to another.

On one side of the planet, Wouples were in charge and saw Wouple leadership as normal. (more…)

The story of Miss Foot

One day, The Body was walking along, and Miss Foot got a thorn. “Aauuuwww”, wailed Foot.

“Shut up, Foot”, admonished Mr. Mouth. “You are a woman. Women should be silent in the body of believers!”

Miss Foot send the pain message along to Mr. Nervous system. “I wish”, thought mr. Nervous System, “that she’d shut up. She can’t teach or have authority over a man!” (more…)

The context of Titus 2 (Evi, the Titus 2 keeper, and the toy aeroplane)

Janet told Evi about how she is a Titus 2 woman, how she shuns feminism and fulfill her Biblical role, as told in Titus 2: 3-5. And how it is the plan of God for all women, even the unmarried and those whose grown children left the home, to stay at home, and commit themselves to home and husband and children exclusively. While they speak, Janet’s 7 year old son comes in.

“Mum, my plane don’t fly right,” he say. In his left hand he holds a light glider-like toy airplane, in the right the other part of the toy, a slingshot designed to launch the toy plane with. His mother is still talking to Evi, so she tells her 10 year old: (more…)

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