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Equal, but women should rule!

women-rule-humorous-t-shirt_designYou are all familiar with selective complementarian Bible reading. If, someday, you are in the mood for poking light fun at them, here are a few texts to use for construing a Bible presentation whereby women and men are equal, but men really should accept they are here to complement women as the ones with the wisdom to be teachers and authority figures:

Satan is male – Satan is described as “he” throughout the Bible.

Sin entered the world through Adam: Romans 5:12,14

God denies being male and connects maleness to dishonesty: Num 23:19

The words of a woman should carry more weight: The woman’s testimony taken as 100% true in all alleged rape cases where no member of the public would have heard them. Deut 22:25-26

Abraham, the father of the believers, was told to listen to his wife, in all she said: Gen 21:12

Wisdom is female: Pro 1:20; 9:1

Women who proclaim God’s word are a mighty throng: Psalm 68:11 (Note: Some old translations leave out that these were women.)

Here is my main attempt of that nature. (The above texts were compiled after that attempt.)

What Abraham, Sarah and 1 Peter 3 teaches us about gender roles

Abraham and Sarah

Sarah and Abraham

(Guest post by LaCigol. Guest posts are not necessarily the opinion of the blog owner)

God changed the name of Abraham’s wife from Sarai (contentious) to Sarah (female ruler). You may have a pink-ruffled-dress Disney-ish idea of what “princess” means, but it is the female of the word used for leaders and influential people. From that, we can see that God, right from the time of the covenant with Abraham, did not want men to see women as “contentious” when the two disagreed – He wanted believing men to affirm the leadership of their wives.

Meanwhile, God changed the name of the father of believers from “Abram”(exalted father) to “Abraham” (father of many), to indicate that Christian manhood is about nurturing and raising a family, not about standing “exalted” as fathers. From Gen 21:12 we can also see that it was His pattern for believing husbands to be obedient. (more…)

The Inverse statement on Biblical Womanhood and Manhood

(Guest post by LaCigol. Guest posts are not the opinion of the blog owner.)

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1) Creation, masculinity and femininity

1.1 Male neediness of a woman is not because of the fall, but God-ordained. A world without women was called “not good” (Gen 2:18) while the same was never said of a world without men.

1.2 God makes man from dust, (Gen 2:7) and turns the dust into something higher. God makes woman from man, (Gen 2:22) and turns the man into something higher.

1.3 Eve is called a helper,(Gen 2:18,20) as God is called the helper (Deu 33:7; Ps 33:20) of needy men. Strength, aide, rescuer, and strong ally are other ways to understand the word helper. This denotes that woman is superior to man as God is superior to him. (more…)

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