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Jesus, fighter for women’s rights?

According to Timothy Kieswetter*, a South African writer on intimacy and Christian living, this is a radical text:

Matt 5:28 “whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart”.

But it is not radical in the way you think. (more…)

The story of Eve?

Story A:

He chose his victim carefully. Not the one who got the orders directly, but the one who got them secondhand. Not the one who knows exactly what he should not do, but the one who has a vague idea. He reasons with this naive being and tells her that good things will happen if she takes a bite of what is on offer. The serpent touches the fruit. That fruit, the one of which she said “if we touch it, we die.” He does not die.

“See, Adam-woman?* You thought touching this will kill you! It does not. This is good.”

And the Adam-man stand beside the Adam-woman the whole time. He is not fooled. He knows the message was not “touch it and you will die.” He knows, unlike her, that touching it proves nothing. He does not try, from his superior knowledge, to stop her. Instead, he watches as she does wrong. She finds it good, and from the kindness of her heart offers what she finds good to him.

The female Adam shared what she found good. The male Adam did not share what he knew to be good – the understanding about the tree and its fruit.

The undeceived Adam-man eat, knowing full well that God really said they should not eat of it.

And God comes in and offer bad news: She made the mistake of turning from God, desire the serpent’s offer, and suffered harm from this, and this will happen again. She will turn from God, desire Adam, and suffer from the rulership Adam will usurp in his sinfulness.


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