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Did patriarchy sink the Titanic?

The story of the Titanic (I mean the real ship, not the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio) has all the elements to be truly gripping: Dreams and drama, sacrifice and selfishness, foolish decisions and panic versus true heroism. I see some people with an agenda simplify it this way:

On the Titanic, 1357 men selflessly stood aside so that 380 of the 546 women and children could be saved first. This happened in a patriarchal society. Since feminism entered the world, men are not willing to sacrifice any more. If we returned to the Christian values of that society and those gender roles, men will be sacrificial again.

I read it that way in South Africa’s JOY magazine/ JUIG a month or three ago. It seems the article writer is taking a page from Doug Phillips’ handbook. Doug started the Christian Boys’ & Men’s Titanic Society, which stand “to the enduring legacy of those men who died that women and children might live.” And John Piper tweeted recently:

When the Titanic sank 20% of the men and 74% of the women survived. That profound virtue was not nurtured by egalitarianism.

The profound tragedy that the Titanic sank in the first place was not nurtured by egalitarianism either. Nor was the shortage of lifeboats.

The Titanic sank because of (more…)

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