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Why you cannot get patriarchy (as we understand it) from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Russell Moore claims “Christianity is undergirded by a vision of patriarchy.” He writes:

… evangelicals should ask why patriarchy seems negative to those of us who serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—the God and Father of Jesus Christ. As liberationist scholar R. W. Connell explains, “The term ‘patriarchy’ came into widespread use around 1970 to describe this system of gender domination.” But it came into widespread use then only as a negative term. We must remember that “evangelical” is also a negative term in many contexts. We must allow the patriarchs and apostles themselves, not the editors of Playboy or Ms. Magazine, to define the grammar of our faith.

Moore claims that because Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were patriarchs, the Christian faith is patriarchal. I agree with Moore that we should not let the world define our terms for us Christians, so let us look at what the patriarchs were – and then, from that, what patriarchy ought to be. (more…)

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