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Selfishness: Feminism vs. Biblical womanhood

Background to experiment:

The Biblical womanhood crowd claim that feminists (meaning, in their parlance “anyone who does not accept everything we teach about where women belong”) self-centered. They also claim their complementarian, “submissive”, stay-at-home world view offer the solution to this self-centeredness, the way of focusing on others instead of self.

Purpose of experiment:

To test if Biblical womanhood women are less self-centered in their thinking than feminists.


1) Find the first 5 Biblical womanhood blogs on . Count the amount of words (excluding quoted words from others) in the most recent entry on each. Count the amount of times the words “I”, “me”, “my” or “myself” appear.

2) Find the first 5 feminism blogs on . Count the same things as before. (more…)

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