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I support this traditional male role. Very much!

I recently read this little article on how children are better off with than without fathers. Charity, values teaching by the school – these things cannot replace fathers. I agreed so strongly that I immediately wanted to link to the article on Facebook. Only one thing caused me to pause: (more…)

Manhood in dire straits: Where should men find their identity?

man-in-mirrorManhood, the experts claim, is in dire straits. Boys  are more likely to drop out of  school and more likely to get involved in crime (haven’t they always?) than girls. More men do not want to work. In the time of the Titanic, most men gave women and children their places on the lifeboats*, while the same cannot be said of men in modern times.

The culprit, say many in the church, is feminism. Casual sex mean that men don’t have to get married any more to get intercourse. So they do not marry. And men drink in the feminist notion that women do not need men. They start to feel useless, and then they act on what they feel. (more…)

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