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If you read only one egalitarian article ever, read HERE

With a header like that, I have to start and say I am not so conceited as to call anything I blogged ”The One Egal Article You Simply Have To Read.”

Nope. But I want to link to a great one, by Kristen Rosser. Here is a quote from it:

…But what does it actually mean, that a woman must be restricted, under male authority?  Why must she be?

Either women are not equal to men, because God created them with a certain lack of authority over themselves, or ability to lead others, that men do not lack… This makes women, in their essence as women, inferior to men…

Or women are equal to men, but God simply decided that women, because they are women, despite lacking nothing that He gave men for authority over themselves or leadership of others, may not use that authority or leadership… This makes God, in His essence, arbitrary and unjust.  He makes rules without good reasons…

But those who restrict women today don’t generally ask why.  They don’t think about what it means, that women should be restricted.  They don’t believe women are inferior, and they don’t believe God is arbitrary…

I first wanted to quote the penultimate and ultimate paragraphs which are even better, but those should be read as a powerful conclusion, and I do not want to take them out of context.

Please, those who restrict women for Bible reasons, go to that short article, and think about the simple idea of justice and ”do unto others” presented in it.

Symbol 2: How do I see the egalitarian message?

I’ve been thinking about how to picture equality, and I see now the mathematical equal sign should certainly not be included. Here is another picture of how I see it. (Actually, I see it with realistic man and woman shaped shadow images in my mind, not these symbol-like simplifications. That would make the cross higher too, as men and women are taller. But this is what I can draw quickly.)

The ground at the feet of the cross is level.

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