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Priests and Levites are not evidence of male church leaders

Have you ever heard the argument that priests and Levites were male*, therefore male church leadership was the plan of God? Here is one apologist expressing the idea:

“…a system of religious authority was instituted in the Mosaic law, a system in which authority was in the hands of the priests and Levites – and only men could serve.” To make this point more clear now, let me point out that the closest OT equivalent to church leaders were the priests and Levites, and they were all men. Only males of the tribe of Levi could serve, which meant that in the OT, religious authority was allowed only for qualified men, not women – the same as in the NT.

– John Tors, from the web site Truth in my Days.


His main premise is wrong: Priests and Levites were not (more…)

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