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What “the man should be the spiritual leader” did to me

Could you climb into a time machine for the sake of this story, and go back to the recent past? Think of an introverted bookworm who was sort of a late bloomer and, at 15, did not bloom yet. That is more or less Retha Faurie at age 15. As such, the pre-conversion 15-year old Retha have never dated, and it did not worry me either. I really was not interested yet. (more…)

Humble headship and intelligent submission – what does it mean?

…”The biblical ideal is loving, humble headship and joyful, intelligent submission.” – Wayne Grudem

When submission has the meaning Grudem defines, what is the difference between stupid submission and intelligent submission? (more…)

Woman and man in God’s design: My response to JOY magazine

“He commanded that I give up my car, my tv, my guitar, etc, I complied with only a whimper of protest. I didn’t have the rights to own things anymore. I was a wife now, and my husband was my spiritual authority. …So later, when my husband gave me lists for what I had to clean to perfection before being allowed to go to bed at night, etc, I submitted because I thought that was what God wanted. In fact, if there was anybody who was in sin, I was positive it was ME for feeling so humiliated at being given these long lists. I thought my reaction was what was sinful, not my husband treating me like a child. According to the teachings of this camp, the only time a wife has the right to say no to her husband is when he’s asking her to sin. And giving a detailed list of how the kitchen had to be completely sanitized and toothbrush-scrubbed before I could climb the stairs for bed (where he was waiting for me, ready for some action), was not sin. Right?My heart would sink to my stomach as I climbed those stairs, finally done with my job, and, get this, again, I was sure (thanks to all the books I’d read) that the problem was ME. I would be so ashamed of myself for MY sin at not being a cheerful and amorous wife.” – Journey

What could Errol Naidoo, writer of JOY magazine’s Gender Hierarchy in the home article, say to Journey and the many women like her? Yes, we agree her husband is not supposed to be like that. But what should she do here, if the Bible commands her to submit to her head? (more…)

Male headship – is the very gospel at stake?

Daddy answers to God for all of us. Believe it or not, it doesn’t make me feel less of a person when my four-year-old goes around saying, ”God’s the boss of Daddy and Daddy’s the boss of Mommy.” ” – Pearl Barrett in “Why not submit”, Above Rubies magazine

This is central to the gospel message: Jesus is the way. Not “Jesus is the way, if you are male. Jesus-plus-husband is the way, if you are female.Pearl Barrett denies the very gospel of Christ. And that brings me to (more…)

Men should lead? Responding to Wbmoore (Part 2)


Wbmoore quotes both verses that call the man(husband) the head of the woman(wife). But that would only mean something if the headship idiom actually meant the same in Greek, which the New Testament was written in, as it does in English. It does not. (Perhaps more on his post on what headship mean later.)

For example, 1 Corinthians 11:3 (“But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ”) would have been written in hierarchal order if head meant authority. But the order is right for head meaning (more…)

Men should lead? Responding to Wbmoore (Foreword)

Wbmoore recently put together a men-should-lead post in response to this, which I commented on Wintery Knight’s blog:

How much Bible evidence can you give for husbands’ authority over wifes, or ruler of homes? To recap, verses telling slaves to obey DO NOT teach that God’s design is for masters to have authority as slave owners, and verses telling women to submit should be read in a similar fashion.If you want to develop a Bible doctrine of male authority being God’s plan from the “women submit” verses, it would be as much a fallacy, as to develop a doctrine of slave owner authority being God’s plan from the teachings to slaves. (more…)

If Christ is the head, what is He?

A Chinese and a Western representative of a large motor company was talking. At first, they disagreed. But there came a point where the European said: “We are thinking along parallel lines now!” The Asian agreed. A few sentences further, the Chinese said something that the Westerner completely disagreed with all along. The latter exploded: “I thought you agreed that we were thinking along parallel lines!” “Yes,” replied the Chinese. “Parallel lines mean we will never meet.”

The moral of the story? A figure of speech does not always mean the same thing in different cultures. If we read of Jesus being the head in the Bible, we must know what head means in their figure of speech. Many Greek scholars claim the meaning is “source”, not “leader”. It matters, because (more…)

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