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What Abraham, Sarah and 1 Peter 3 teaches us about gender roles

Abraham and Sarah

Sarah and Abraham

(Guest post by LaCigol. Guest posts are not necessarily the opinion of the blog owner)

God changed the name of Abraham’s wife from Sarai (contentious) to Sarah (female ruler). You may have a pink-ruffled-dress Disney-ish idea of what “princess” means, but it is the female of the word used for leaders and influential people. From that, we can see that God, right from the time of the covenant with Abraham, did not want men to see women as “contentious” when the two disagreed – He wanted believing men to affirm the leadership of their wives.

Meanwhile, God changed the name of the father of believers from “Abram”(exalted father) to “Abraham” (father of many), to indicate that Christian manhood is about nurturing and raising a family, not about standing “exalted” as fathers. From Gen 21:12 we can also see that it was His pattern for believing husbands to be obedient. (more…)

Evi confronts a spouse cheater

“If a woman work outside her home, she is being a helpmeet to another man. This is the equivalent of cheating on her husband,” said Evi’s patriarchal sister-in-law, Sandy. Of course, this is very judgmental of Sandy, as Evi works for a salary.

Evi’s first idea of a response was to ask if her sister-in-law is calling her a lesbian, as her boss is a women. But since sarcasm or shaming don’t work with patrios, that will never do. It is 70% likely that this woman will be completely willing to compare her to a lesbian. Lesbianism, in patriarchal minds, equal feminism and working for a boss is feminism to them too, so why would her sister in law refrain from calling her a lesbian?

“Are you calling LaCigol a pimp?,” asks Evi.

“No, I do not. I do not even speak badly of men! Why?” said Sandy.

“He wants me to work. The money is a help to us both! IF working is cheating on him, it means he agrees that I cheat on him – for our money,” replied Evi.

Sandy don’t answer, but probably thinks how these “secular” “feminist” family of hers is making up excuses not to follow in what is clearly God’s plan…

They are silent for a while. It is no use speaking to someone you can’t see eye to eye with on anything.

Then, Sally’s husband, who is also Evi’s brother, walks in the door.

“Hi”, said Evi. “How was your date with your boyfriend today?”

He looks at his sister. Sometimes, she say the strangest things, but she usually has a reason for doing so. A boyfriend???? What the…????

“Your wife told me you are having a homosexual affair.”

Sally is indignant, and sound somewhat worried:

“Really, Joe, I never said anything like that! Your sister is lying.” Evi feels a little sorry at her insecurity. Don’t Sandy trust that her husband would know this story is not from her (Sandy’s) mouth?

Evi answered:

“If working for a boss is like cheating on your spouse, then a man working for a man is the equivalent of a homosexual affair. If working for a boss is being a helpmeet, Joe is the ‘girl’ in this affair.”

Lacigol hears of this later, and tell Evi, with a smile:

“I think I’ll quit my job tomorrow. After all, we husbands aren’t supposed to be helpmeets to anyone! It’s a woman’s job to be a helpmeet!”

Evi just smiles back and snuggles closer to him. She knows he won’t quit. She can trust him to work hard. They both can trust each other. After all, what is a marriage without trust?

The Inverse statement on Biblical Womanhood and Manhood

(Guest post by LaCigol. Guest posts are not the opinion of the blog owner.)

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1) Creation, masculinity and femininity

1.1 Male neediness of a woman is not because of the fall, but God-ordained. A world without women was called “not good” (Gen 2:18) while the same was never said of a world without men.

1.2 God makes man from dust, (Gen 2:7) and turns the dust into something higher. God makes woman from man, (Gen 2:22) and turns the man into something higher.

1.3 Eve is called a helper,(Gen 2:18,20) as God is called the helper (Deu 33:7; Ps 33:20) of needy men. Strength, aide, rescuer, and strong ally are other ways to understand the word helper. This denotes that woman is superior to man as God is superior to him. (more…)

LaCigol wears men’s clothing

 When LaCigol was new in town, his neighbour asked if he and his wife will go to church with them. “But remember”, said the neighbour: “In our church, we frown on women wearing men’s clothing. Those pants your wife have on now won’t be acceptable this Sunday.” LaCigol assured the neighbour that they will be there, and they will wear appropriate outfits.The Sunday at church, people were surprised to see what LaCigol’s wife, Evi, wore to church. They were even more shocked to see what he himself wore. She wore a blouse with pants. He wore… a dress.

The congregation were quick to remind him that women should not wear men’s clothes, and men should not wear women’s clothes.

“Then why are Evi and me the only ones in this church to obey that order?” asked LaCigol. “In the culture that was written to, men wore dresses, so I follow that Biblical manhood example. And as my wife should not wear men’s clothing, she wears pants.”

LaCigol and the pastor

One day,LaCigol watches a YouTube clip by a famous pastor. The pastor was asked what a wife should do when her husband abuse her. He answered that a wife should submit to abuse(1), that husbands turn abusive because their wives are not submitting(2), and if a wife is killed while submitting to abuse, it will be to God’s glory.(3)

LaCigol goes to the pastor, and introduces himself as a Bible teacher. The two of them get talking. The pastor likes what LaCigol say, and LaCigol pretends to like what the pastor say. “So”, ask LaCigol, “just to make sure our doctrine line up, what would you say is the most important reason why wives have to submit to their husbands?”

The pastor was ready with his answer: “Because the husband-wife relationship is a mirror image of the relationship between Christ and the church. Wifes should submit to show the world how the church submit to Christ. But surely you know that?”

“Of course,” agreed LaCigol. “I wanted to make sure we agree on this.” Before the end of the conversation, LaCigol was asked to preach in the pastor’s church the next Sunday. (more…)

Eve is worse than Satan! says LaCigol

In Genesis 3:16, a judicial decree was given to the woman that the man will rule over her. So, it is God’s will that she let the man rule. God will judge her for not letting the man rule. – complementarian argument.

Here is a similar argument:

In Genesis 3:15, a judicial decree was given to the serpent, Satan, that he will be an enemy to the woman and harm the woman’s offspring. So, it is God’s will that Satan harms humans. God will judge Satan for every time he did not harm humans – LaCigol

If the complementarian is right, if the curses in Genesis are indeed judicial decrees from God that should be kept, then God will probably call Satan a good and faithful servant on judgment day. It seems to me that Satan diligently kept “God’s will” to harm humans. Eve, on the other hand, have not always allowed “God’s wil” for the man to rule…


Note:  Who is LaCigol?

LaCigol (logical backwards) writings are written by me, but not my opinion. La Cigol uses the arguments of my opposition, and come to conclusions that my opposition won’t want to draw. La Cigol’s favorite philosopher is Till Eulenspiegel.

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