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Created in the image of God…

This Sunday is Women’s Day in South Africa. Today, this was among my blog search terms (the words people put into search engines, to which the search engine suggest my blog):


“men and women both reflect God’s image, but in different ways”

… But, interestingly, I think this is where the complementarian view actually has something very interesting to say. On

couple reflected in a mirror

couple reflected in a mirror

complementarianism, men and women both reflect God’s image, but in different ways, ways in which neither gender can do on their own. I think that actually provides a unique dignity to each gender and gives both gender reasons to affirm, delight in and stand in awe of the role the other gender has in reflecting God’s image while affirming their ontological equality. – A complementarian Facebook commenter

Firstly, egalitarians also believe that both genders reflect God, that every man and woman – even more so if they are Christians – reflect God in different ways that one person or one gender cannot do alone. As such, giving men and women that dignity is not uniquely complementarian. But – do complementarians actually, like egalitarians, provide that equal dignity to both genders?

Both complementarians and egalitarians affirm that men and women complement each other. Two thing differentiate us:

  1. Complementarians believe that God places certain restrictions (“thou should NOT”) on women but not on men. They do not agree on what these restrictions are, but they include things like preaching, being elders or deacons, working outside the home, leadership roles at work or in politics, etc.
  2. Complementarians believe in some degree of male/husband lead and female/ wife following.

These 2 ideas are the main, or arguably (more…)

Women, not in God’s image?!!!

I don’t even want to quote them. They are so wrong that it will take a supercomputer to calculate their wrongness.

Some people say – it’s none too hard too find them on the Internet if you use a search engine – women are not made in the image of God, only men are. I wonder what God think if we deny his image like that?

To counter their claim, we can use the very first mention of gender in the Bible: (more…)

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