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The Christ as husband metaphor: It’s about love, not leadership


Why is the relationship between a husband and wife compared to the relationship between Christ and the church?

Hosea 2:16 In that day, declares the LORD, you will call me ‘my husband’; you will no longer call me ‘my master.’


The relationship is compared to the intimate relationship between a man and hs wife, because the relationship God desire with us is that of one lover to another, not of a master to a subject!

Obey the Lord? Yes, but because we love and trust him. The love and trust is central, the obedience follows when we know He is right, wise, and has our best interests at heart.

Some claim the relationship between the church and Christ is primarily one of a ruler to a subject, and want to arrange marriages that way too. I don’t pity them firstly for what they miss in their marriages, but for what they miss in their relationship with Christ.

Christ is the husband, the lover. We are heirs with the firstborn Son. True, we are also subjects of God, but the point of the church as bride picture is, according to scripture, one of love, not lordship.

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