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Male headship – is the very gospel at stake?

Daddy answers to God for all of us. Believe it or not, it doesn’t make me feel less of a person when my four-year-old goes around saying, ”God’s the boss of Daddy and Daddy’s the boss of Mommy.” ” – Pearl Barrett in “Why not submit”, Above Rubies magazine

This is central to the gospel message: Jesus is the way. Not “Jesus is the way, if you are male. Jesus-plus-husband is the way, if you are female.Pearl Barrett denies the very gospel of Christ. And that brings me to (more…)

Why do some scholars think head mean source? Catherine Clark Kroeger explains

Most places where the bible use the word head, it speaks of that thing above the neck. A few places, it does not. Head carries the figurative meaning of authority figure in English, but what figurative meanings did it have in koine Greek? (The New Testament language) Here, Katherine Clark Kroeger gives her view of how head was understood by the ancients, and uses a lot of old sources to support it: (more…)

If Christ is the head, what is He?

A Chinese and a Western representative of a large motor company was talking. At first, they disagreed. But there came a point where the European said: “We are thinking along parallel lines now!” The Asian agreed. A few sentences further, the Chinese said something that the Westerner completely disagreed with all along. The latter exploded: “I thought you agreed that we were thinking along parallel lines!” “Yes,” replied the Chinese. “Parallel lines mean we will never meet.”

The moral of the story? A figure of speech does not always mean the same thing in different cultures. If we read of Jesus being the head in the Bible, we must know what head means in their figure of speech. Many Greek scholars claim the meaning is “source”, not “leader”. It matters, because (more…)

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