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Spiritual warfare: Is this how we can convert Muslims?

In Dean Sherman’s book, “Spiritual warfare”, he teaches that part of spiritual warfare is living in the opposite spirit. In a culture of greedily wanting more, for example, you fight that spirit by being a giver. In a culture of depression, living a life full of praise is part of your spiritual warfare.

I wonder if that is part of the reason why Christianity is not making major inroads into Islam? Part of the spirit of Islam is the suppression of women, placing them below men in a hierarchy. And much of traditional and current Christianity places women below men in a hierarchy. Are we living in the same spirit?

Christ or man? A complementarian silences me (Ahem…)

I recently had a conversation with Wbmoore, in which we defended different views of whether God want one sex to always lead and the other to always follow. A commenter named Bigwow answered him on his blog, on the same topic I did. In the comments there, I invited Bigwow to my blog too:

Bigwow, I believe that it is the witness of God inside you, the intentions of Jesus, that tells you that men cannot always lead in marriage, and women cannot always follow. You are being told that the Bible say the opposite of the “loving others as yourself” commandment your heart knows to be true.

Can I invite you to my blog? Like Moore, I believe the Bible is true. But we come to different conclusions on this issue. Perhaps, at my blog, (more…)

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