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John Piper, you make no logical sense on gender roles – Part 3

Still John Piper: (Bold mine)

And God intends to equip and mobilize the saints through a company of spiritual men who take primary responsibility for leadership and teaching in the church.

To give one example of how this may pan out: If a woman discover something in the word, she should not let men learn it – she cannot teach them. If she becomes knowledgeable on a topic, no man in the body of Christ can benefit from that knowledge. God cannot use her to impart this knowledge to men.

That is irrational and impractical. And untrue. The Lord never say he want to equip the saints through men alone. He equips us through apostles; prophets; evangelists; pastors and teachers. (Eph. 4:11-12) And we have a female apostle, a female evangelist and a female teacher in the NT. And several female prophets. (Nobody in the church- male or female – is described in scripture with the word translated “pastor” here, except Christ. It is used for literal shepherds, not for a church role.)

It is certainly not true that God equips saints only through “spiritual men who take primary responsibility for leadership and teaching in the church.” Even in complementarian churches, God uses women to equip female saints and underage saints.

Female saints. Child saints. And the ladies who teach them are … equipping and mobilizing saints. Live with it, John Piper.

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