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Why some egalitarians seem to disrespect stay at home mothers

Long ago and far away, there was someone who liked seeing colors like red, brown, and orange around him. He disliked seeing too much blue, green, and turquoise. He convinced people that the Maker God also likes reddish colors better than blueish ones. Preferring blue is a sign of wickedness.

Many people believed him. Soon, few people would even admit it if their favorite color is blue. Everyone said they like brown and red better than blue or green. Everyone, except for a few rebels who truly did not care about society’s norms, wore red and orange and brown.

That, of course, was evidence for the rumor: Blue and green shades are not meant for respectable people. Only the wicked wear such scandalous hues. Deep down, some people liked hues that remind them of sky, sea, and growing plants, but they never admitted it. (more…)

A symbol for egalitarians?


Shirley Taylor have posted a picture reminding her of equality, and it inspired a conversation that spilled over to the Equality Central Forum: The idea of a symbol for egalitarians, to show solidarity with their ideas.


I am not sure that it is wise to display such a symbol. It may scare off a hard complementarian visitor to an egal blog or site even before a word was said. And said complementarian may have benefitted from just seeing the egalitarian blogger as a fellow Christian, and then seeing that a fellow Christian could make a meaningful, but opposite case for women’s “roles” (I hate that word) in the home and church.


But, if some of us find it useful for identification, I came up with this little idea. Perhaps something in it could be used – executed a lot neater, of course!


Women and man. Equal. In Christ.

Mary Kassian’s straw women, and the victims of masculism

Mary Kassian claims that complementarians are often misrepresented, and then lists some “straw women” who, in her view, does not represent the position of women under evangelical masculist (otherwise known as complementarian) thinking.

But people very much like Dora do exist among evangelical masculists. Okay, not quite 100% like them. Because Dora and her friends are actually Kassian’s straw woman representation of what egals find tragic.

For example, nobody picture Dora as a woman who “likes it when her husband acts like a domineering boor.” We say she dislike it, but her understanding of submission mean she has no meaningful way to stand up against it. (more…)

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