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Public notice: Douglas Phillips is not God’s wounded soldier, and we are not shooting our wounded

They are out all over the Internet on the moment: Those who, in the wake of Doug Phillips resigning from Vision Forum Ministries over “an emotional affair”, are weighing in with opinions on it. Some people have been pointing out the fruit of Doug Phillips for years: He opposes protection for children from child abuse in the home, stating that “….We understand that the core problem with Child Protective Services is its existence.” His tenets give God a gender – male and make males God. Vision forum used to teach that women cannot vote, and opposes college for women. Phillips wants females to exist to serve men, even advising men at home school conferences to teach their daughters to stand behind daddy’s chair at night, at attention until bedtime, in order to be at ready hand to get the father whatever he wants whenever he wants it. (more…)

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