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Divine right? Leave that to Him who is divine

Because I said so! That's why.

Do you believe that some humans have a divine right? Do you think that the son of a king is born with a divine right to rule over others? That whites have a God-given right to rule over blacks?

Me neither. Oh, this have been coaxed in many nice terms in the past: “It is not a right to rule, it is a God-given responsibility to rule wisely.” Kristen, who often comments as KR Wordgazer on many sites, notices:

“God-given responsibility.” Yep. Just a euphemism for “divine right.” It also used to be called “the white man’s burden” and “noblesse oblige.”

Dress it up however you like, FoF. It’s still an assertion of the divine right …

There is, however, one area on which many people still believe in divine right: Evangelical masculists defend the divine right of males to rule females. I can state without a doubt that God does not give that right in any of the 66 books that make up the Bible. God does not, in any command in the Bible, give men as a group the right – or responsibility – to rule.*

Are we rebels who dislike authority when we don’t want men to rule women, or kings to rule, or whites to rule blacks? Once again, Kristen answers: (more…)

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