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Just a coincidence?

When reviewing one of my older posts (which disagrees with a Mary Kassian idea that sex symbolize our unity with God), I found this sentence again:

Believing that sex is the main way people can understand the gospel, would lead to one of two ways of treating children: You could either get to the conclusion that the gospel is not meant for children, or that sex and marriage is meant for them.

“Biblical” patriarchy supporters  promote several books (To train up a child; Child Training tips) that imply the spirit of God cannot work in children to teach them to act right, out of love for Jesus – you have to install obedience by beating them the moment they disobey. This, insists their child raising books, readies them to obey God without your help one day when they are adults. The gospel of God’s love and mercy is seemingly not for their children.

They also believe in marrying very young if possible.  Marriage is, in their view, for the very young who never experienced decision-making apart from their parents.

I never heard one of them say sex symbolize our unity with God, but they do believe in the “man symbolize Christ, woman symbolize the church” idea, which is the logical predecessor to “sex symbolizes our unity with God”.

Coincidence – or is it?


Patriarchy, modesty and training up children: Who are the babies?

Sixteen-month-old Faith reaches for a glass bowl on the coffee table.

Faith, no, don’t touch that.

Faith touches the glass bowl. *pop* I slap her hand. She looks startled.

I said no.

Faith reaches for the glass bowl again. *pop*

No. (more…)

How should Christian parents think about (disciplining) their children?

I’ve seen a lot of talk on “Christian” parenting that advocates seeing your children as sinners to be brought under control. As enemies whose will is at war with yours.

They see children and children’s nature as something to conquer and subdue, using force to get obedience. But I would say that a Christian attitude towards your children is very, very different from what people like Debi and Michael Pearl teaches. Consider the following thoughts:

The right attitude #1: Children are a blessing

God do not give children in order to give you an enemy to war against. He give them as a blessing – to enjoy, to love and be loved by, to laugh with. Heavy-handed authoritarian attitudes treat this blessing, somehow, as a demon to conquer. (more…)

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