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Women are not the only group whose gifts we under-appreciate

Aaaarghhh! I heard it again, and this myth I cannot bust with Bible verses:

“I certainly never examined Mr. Mercer, but these details, if true, may point to conditions like schizoid personality disorder, Asperberger’s(sic) syndrome or even schizophrenia, any of which can dramatically limit the ability to socialize and empathize with others, contribute to feelings of emptiness and isolation and spawn anything from intense depression to paranoid delusions. ” – Dr. Keith Ablow, psychiatrist, commenting on the Chris Mercer mass shooting story.

I have Asperger’s syndrome. Ablow, for all the other things he may be an expert on, does not even know how to spell Asperger’s syndrome, and he opines this motivates someone to kill? Aspergers is not a pathology or a mental illness. Aspies are no more likely to kill than anyone else. (more…)

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