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LaCigol wears men’s clothing

 When LaCigol was new in town, his neighbour asked if he and his wife will go to church with them. “But remember”, said the neighbour: “In our church, we frown on women wearing men’s clothing. Those pants your wife have on now won’t be acceptable this Sunday.” LaCigol assured the neighbour that they will be there, and they will wear appropriate outfits.The Sunday at church, people were surprised to see what LaCigol’s wife, Evi, wore to church. They were even more shocked to see what he himself wore. She wore a blouse with pants. He wore… a dress.

The congregation were quick to remind him that women should not wear men’s clothes, and men should not wear women’s clothes.

“Then why are Evi and me the only ones in this church to obey that order?” asked LaCigol. “In the culture that was written to, men wore dresses, so I follow that Biblical manhood example. And as my wife should not wear men’s clothing, she wears pants.”

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