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Smoke and mirrors: A review of the Danvers statement (Part 2)

(Keep on reading, and you will see how this photo of Pope John Paul ties in with complementarian gender roles. It does.) 

The same question I asked at the start of the review is still the one I want to ask in the affirmations: Is this a good reason for Biblical manhood and womanhood? What gender roles does it give that Christian men should be and do but not women, or vice versa?

Note, dear reader, that this set of posts won’t try to convince you in any way on wifely submission to her husband, or a man’s headship of his wife. Marital submission and headship is about how a married husband and wife should treat each other. It says nothing of how the married man or woman should treat the 7 billion people they are not married to, or even just their own children. Marital headship or submission says nothing whatsoever of the activities or demeanor of the unmarried or widowed. Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, on the other hand, claim that all men – married or unmarried – should play a role that does not belong to women, and all women – married or unmarried – have a role men do not. The “Biblical Manhood and Womanhood” crowd claim these differences are part of Christianity.

Likewise, I will not discuss here if women could preach or be elders. Even if they cannot, the majority of men who call themselves Christians do not want to be preachers or elders either. BMaW say that even those men and women who do not want to lead in church (men cannot all be leaders in church, and most are not) have different roles God expects of them – a manhood role if male, and a womanhood role if female.

And please bear with me if I get really pedantic about “the plain meaning of the text“. You see, the Danvers Statement’s makers claim that the plain meaning of texts are on their side:

We have been moved in our purpose by … the increasing prevalence and acceptance of hermeneutical oddities devised to reinterpret apparently plain meanings of Biblical texts; the consequent threat to Biblical authority as the clarity of Scripture is jeopardized and the accessibility of its meaning to ordinary people is withdrawn into the restricted realm of technical ingenuity;

Personally, I don’t think everything in the Bible could be taken on face value – some things contradict each other that way. But the Danvers Statement’s makers are measured by their own measure here. (Matt 7:2) (more…)

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