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Why some complementarians/ patriarchists should not home school

  Premise 1) Some complementarians and patriarchists subscribe to the notion that women could not teach men, as women are too easily misled, and may thus lead the men the wrong way.

  Premise 2) Children, because of their lesser knowledge and experience, are more easily misled than men.

  Conclusion A): The women-are-too-easily-misled crowd should not let women teach children.

 Premise 3) Home schooling mothers are women who teach children. (more…)

How (not) to bring the next generation back to church

The Billy Graham Association conducted a survey recently and the results should be disheartening to Christians. Of people in the Builder Generation, also known as the Greatest Generation, 65% profess to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. But the slide is steep from there. About 35% of Baby Boomers profess faith in Christ, 15% of Generation X, and only 4% of Generation Y.

Why the dramatic drop? (more…)

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