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Defending men at all costs is too expensive

First story: Tom made a long comment trying to argue for male rule, starting with acting as if there is an “ought” in the Genesis 3:16 prediction, incorrectly equating submission to obedience, etc.

Charis answers with among others:

“…Tom, Your wife will be back after she tries beating her head against that brick wall for awhile …”

Lime Chip said to Charis:

Have you been touched by the hand of God? It doesn’t sound like it for you to make such statements like “Tom, Your wife will be back after she tries beating her head against that brick wall for awhile…”

A woman of God, a Godly woman would never speak in such tones she would learn to humble herself. It does not matter whether it was five years of abuse or thirty.”

In other words, Godly women will, according to Lime Chip, never speak up for another person against abuse, even after thirty years of abuse. Whatever Tom does (and I do not imply he is an abuser, Lime Chip phrased it in terms of abuse), he should not hear his behavior affects his wife. Reproaching Tom is wrong, but reproaching Charis for reproaching a male, is right.

A godly person wil never speak up against abuse? There is nothing Godly about allowing someone to be abused and standing by, doing nothing. Christ came to set free the captives, and to show justice and mercy. Real religion is to help “widows and orphans” – shorthand for those who cannot help themselves.

Second story: On a self-admitted Biblical Womanhood blog, the blogger, Laura, said:

“I too narrowly defend women; that being, women as God intended (those who model Proverbs 31 and true femininity). I defend men, who are still more or less, the way God intended. The male reputation in the culture needs to be defended at all costs”

According to Laura at the time, a Godly women should not ask what party is being unjustly treated – the male reputation should always be defended at all cost. At the cost of truth? At the cost of justice? (In her defense, she admits to growing and learning, but she is not the only one who thought/ thinks that.) She would defend a “Proverbs 31 woman” (a strong wife who is respected in marriage, a succesful businesswoman, with servants, wise and with few worries.) Those people she will defend are generally the strongest people in society, who need defense the least. Children, disrespected women and the poor and unwise are more likely to need defense.
What if her daughter gets molested? The molester will be male, and she claims to defends the male reputation at all cost, presumably even at the cost of her child’s well-being. Her underage, unmarried daughter will not be a Proverbs 31 women (yet, anyway). Can any child be safe with people like this?

Biblical womanhood -some forms of it at least – may say “Always be nice to males. Even abusive males. Never defend anyone against a man.”

But Christianity, in imitation of Christ, say: “Seek justice. Defend the weak. Speak the truth, in love. Love for God, love for the oppressed who need to be saved. Do not claim to speak in love when you mince words to be gentle to oppressors. I, Jesus, loved my people by calling those who lay heavy yokes on them a brood of vipers and whitewashed sepulchers full of dead bones.”

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