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What happened to 853?

One of my blog subscribers informed me that this morning, a  notice was sent out to her. It said that I have a new post named 853. When she clicked on the link, there was no such post.

This is what happened: This morning, I made a minor change to this old blog post. When going back to my main page, I saw that WordPress put up my updated post as a new post with no name in the header, but 853 in the url.

I deleted the “new” post, and made the minor edit to the old post instead. So, subscribers: Sorry, there is nothing (new) to see here.

New Page: Christian myths on gender and gender roles

I just added a new page, “Christian myths on gender and gender roles” to my blog. It is largely based on ideas I got here. There are several more topics to add, and my readers are welcome to add ideas.

Myths that are not there yet, but which I hope to adress in future, include:

Male-only rule is good for creating a stable and progressive society; Eve is blamed alone for the fall; Women are made only reflectively in God’s image as the moon reflects the sun; Motherhood/ wifehood is a woman’s highest calling; Men are called to be the head/high priest/ prophet/ king of the home; Provision is a male gender role; Only complementarians are reading the Bible for its “clear” meaning.

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