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Woman enough: One thing Christian egalitarianism did for me

From about entering teenage-hood, I felt that I was not womanly enough:

Not womanly enough, because the idea of one-sided submission to a man scared me.

Not womanly enough, because my facial features are wide and indelicate.

Not womanly enough, because (more…)

Is there a difference between complementarianism and “Christian” Patriarchy?

Karen D asked on A Travelogue of the Interior if there is a difference between complementarianism and patriarchy. Here is what I think:

IMO, there is a spectrum difference. I think 2 ideas are enough to qualify the holder as complementarian: (more…)

Do feminists really neglect their children?

Purpose of experiment:

Many “Biblical womanhood” women, especially of the Quiverfull variety, claim that “feminists” neglect their children, while they love theirs. By this standard, attention to children is good (I agree) and neglecting them is bad. (I agree.) If their hypothesis holds out, the average child of a feminist mother would remember less personal attention from Mum than the average child of a biblical womanhood supporter. (more…)

Complementarians have the wrong priorities

There is a lot of “Biblical Womanhood” material in books, magazines and on the Internet that complain about “women who put career ahead of family.” A recent George Barna study suggests that very few Christian women do: (more…)

If Biblical Manhood and womanhood is true, this test will be easy


Gospel sex?

I heard a new idea concerning sex last week. It is that God made sex to explain to us what a relationship with Him is about. According to that idea, God is the man, Christians are the woman, and sex is a symbol of our unity with Him.

If that was true, we could study the way females experience sex as an example of how we should think about unity with God. (more…)

New Page: Christian myths on gender and gender roles

I just added a new page, “Christian myths on gender and gender roles” to my blog. It is largely based on ideas I got here. There are several more topics to add, and my readers are welcome to add ideas.

Myths that are not there yet, but which I hope to adress in future, include:

Male-only rule is good for creating a stable and progressive society; Eve is blamed alone for the fall; Women are made only reflectively in God’s image as the moon reflects the sun; Motherhood/ wifehood is a woman’s highest calling; Men are called to be the head/high priest/ prophet/ king of the home; Provision is a male gender role; Only complementarians are reading the Bible for its “clear” meaning.

Patriarchy and the Victorian era: One tiny observation

Many commenters spoke of how patriarchists seemingly want to turn the clock back to the Victorian era, to the standards and values held at the time. They notice how much of the pictures on “Biblical womanhood” or “Biblical patriarchy” websites, seem to show idyllic pictures of upper-class Victorian life.

Now, I observe that Victorian era fantasies are just that: Victorian era fantasies.

So what? The age they find fantastic, had a woman ruler, Queen Victoria. And that contradicts at least some of what they claim about women.


Note: These pictures are from actual Patriarchy/ Biblical Womanhood material. The photo of girls in a garden comes from a banner for a “Beautiful girlhood” catalog, and the reading woman from “ladies against feminism.”

Putting Titus 2 women in their place (Or: Should women stay at home?) Part 2

(Continued from part 1)

Does God say that a woman’s sphere is only the home?

Genesis 1:28: God blessed them and said to them: Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the eart and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.

Seemingly not. The earth was given for both genders to rule and subdue.

Does God find some things more important than housekeeping? (more…)

Selfishness: Feminism vs. Biblical womanhood

Background to experiment:

The Biblical womanhood crowd claim that feminists (meaning, in their parlance “anyone who does not accept everything we teach about where women belong”) self-centered. They also claim their complementarian, “submissive”, stay-at-home world view offer the solution to this self-centeredness, the way of focusing on others instead of self.

Purpose of experiment:

To test if Biblical womanhood women are less self-centered in their thinking than feminists.


1) Find the first 5 Biblical womanhood blogs on . Count the amount of words (excluding quoted words from others) in the most recent entry on each. Count the amount of times the words “I”, “me”, “my” or “myself” appear.

2) Find the first 5 feminism blogs on . Count the same things as before. (more…)

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