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What Abraham, Sarah and 1 Peter 3 teaches us about gender roles

Abraham and Sarah

Sarah and Abraham

(Guest post by LaCigol. Guest posts are not necessarily the opinion of the blog owner)

God changed the name of Abraham’s wife from Sarai (contentious) to Sarah (female ruler). You may have a pink-ruffled-dress Disney-ish idea of what “princess” means, but it is the female of the word used for leaders and influential people. From that, we can see that God, right from the time of the covenant with Abraham, did not want men to see women as “contentious” when the two disagreed – He wanted believing men to affirm the leadership of their wives.

Meanwhile, God changed the name of the father of believers from “Abram”(exalted father) to “Abraham” (father of many), to indicate that Christian manhood is about nurturing and raising a family, not about standing “exalted” as fathers. From Gen 21:12 we can also see that it was His pattern for believing husbands to be obedient. (more…)

Is there a difference between complementarianism and “Christian” Patriarchy?

Karen D asked on A Travelogue of the Interior if there is a difference between complementarianism and patriarchy. Here is what I think:

IMO, there is a spectrum difference. I think 2 ideas are enough to qualify the holder as complementarian: (more…)

Christian culture does not understand intimate partner abuse – what can we do about it?

I wish it wasn’t true. I already know from sites like A Cry for Justice that the church often gives terrible advice to abuse victims. I don’t want to believe Samantha Field is entirely right when claiming that purity culture(1) Christians don’t care about or teach the importance of consent. I’ve read stories of “Christian” leaders telling women to repent for being raped. I already mentioned some abuse-condoning statements by Paige Patterson and Bruce Ware on this blog.

But evidence keeps on mounting:

Dannah K. Gresh (also the writer of “And the Bride Wore White”, who has sold more than 470,000 books, leaders guides, and curriculum pulling-back-the-shadesbearing the message of sexual purity) and Dr. Juli Slattery (a psychologist formerly from Focus on the Family) wrote a new book to give a Christian response to “50 Shades of Grey” and erotica like it, and talk about how to be sexual and spiritual at the same time. The topic of “Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longings of a Woman’s Heart”certainly has merit. But their book also gives evidence of followers of Jesus not caring or thinking about intimate partner abuse – while touching on topics which certainly relates to it. (more…)

Protection: Does Biblical manhood learn from the Mafia?

mafia-hat-01John Piper say:

… true manhood inclines a man to fight to protect women…

Of course, he means manhood as a gender role, manhood as defined by the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. We all know that not all men “fight to protect women.” In fact, statistics say that 35% of women worldwide have experienced either intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.*
Neither protectors of women nor violators of women could call themselves the example of what men as a group are really like. Both only show what men like them are like. Some men protect women, but some women also protect men in a variety of ways, from being in the military, through protecting his interests by being the one who remembers things like paying the bills, to lying to protect a criminal boyfriend from a jail sentence.
Piper is, of course, one of many voices in his group, which all speak of how men relate to women. Here we have the words of Bruce Ware: (more…)

How often does the Bible say men should be the heads of their households?

I will start this blog entry with a complete list of every instance in the Bible where God, or anyone speaking for him, say men should be the heads of their households. Every single time that God instructs men – not a particular man, but Christian men in general – to lead their households, will be on my list. Then I will make a second list: Every instance where God tells men to lead their wives. (Before clicking on “read more” for my complete list, you can try making your own list.) (more…)

If Biblical Manhood and womanhood is true, this test will be easy


Gospel sex?

I heard a new idea concerning sex last week. It is that God made sex to explain to us what a relationship with Him is about. According to that idea, God is the man, Christians are the woman, and sex is a symbol of our unity with Him.

If that was true, we could study the way females experience sex as an example of how we should think about unity with God. (more…)

New Page: Christian myths on gender and gender roles

I just added a new page, “Christian myths on gender and gender roles” to my blog. It is largely based on ideas I got here. There are several more topics to add, and my readers are welcome to add ideas.

Myths that are not there yet, but which I hope to adress in future, include:

Male-only rule is good for creating a stable and progressive society; Eve is blamed alone for the fall; Women are made only reflectively in God’s image as the moon reflects the sun; Motherhood/ wifehood is a woman’s highest calling; Men are called to be the head/high priest/ prophet/ king of the home; Provision is a male gender role; Only complementarians are reading the Bible for its “clear” meaning.

The Inverse statement on Biblical Womanhood and Manhood

(Guest post by LaCigol. Guest posts are not the opinion of the blog owner.)

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1) Creation, masculinity and femininity

1.1 Male neediness of a woman is not because of the fall, but God-ordained. A world without women was called “not good” (Gen 2:18) while the same was never said of a world without men.

1.2 God makes man from dust, (Gen 2:7) and turns the dust into something higher. God makes woman from man, (Gen 2:22) and turns the man into something higher.

1.3 Eve is called a helper,(Gen 2:18,20) as God is called the helper (Deu 33:7; Ps 33:20) of needy men. Strength, aide, rescuer, and strong ally are other ways to understand the word helper. This denotes that woman is superior to man as God is superior to him. (more…)

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