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Reader question: Are there apologetics scholars in egalitarianism?

This letter comes from a reader:

For a long time, I’ve been a reader of Christian Apologetics websites. Since more recently, I’ve been a (male) reader of Christian anti-Fundamentalist and anti-Neopatriarchy websites like Recovering Grace. I used to read some websites that promoted these ideas, but my knowledge of Apologetics made me just uneasy enough about those sites to never fully commit, and my discovery of the active Christian web community that opposed these ideas helped me fully realize what a cesspool the Neopatriarchal movement is. (more…)

Thoughtful Christians get it!

Sometimes, we egalitarians feel as if we are in a tiny minority. The gender hierarchists speak so loudly, that we feel as if our life-giving message is not heard. Perhaps this is a little bit of evidence to help you cheer up. (more…)

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