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10 ways in which Christian feminists are not as their opponents paint them

10-waysWhen I Google “can you be a Christian and a feminist“, I find mainly two classes of answers:

1) Articles claiming today’s feminism goes beyond equality to [sinful attitudes], and you cannot.

2) Articles on the equality and dignity given to both sexes at creation, how Jesus treated women, women leaders in the Bible, etc., claiming you can be a feminist for Jesus.

The “Jesus was a feminist” folks (my people!) are doing a great job, but they do not bridge the gap between “feminism is for equality and this is good” and “feminism is for more than equality and this is bad.” This article will try to bridge that gap, to actually discuss the talking points of the anti-feminists.


Claim 1: ” Today’s feminists goes beyond equality to [insert sinful attitudes]”


Patriarchy causes abortion?

Which of the following philosophies have the bigger influence on abortion? Choose one:

a)      Patriarchy

b)      Feminism (more…)

Does the church bear false witness when it blames feminism for abortion?

I believe the Christian church needs to oppose abortion, and we need all our allies in the fight. When we blame the wrong people for abortion, we not only shoot potential allies, we also bear false witness.

Here Errol Naidoo frames a culprit for the abortion problem:

“… the Women’s Liberation Movement is the primary driver of the global abortion holocaust.” – Errol Naidoo, Joy Magazine

This quote is from a South African magazine, but I often heard the same thing from American gender hierarchists. But do Errol and the complementarians frame the right culprit? (more…)

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