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10-waysWhen I Google “can you be a Christian and a feminist“, I find two things:

1) Articles claiming today’s feminism goes beyond equality to [sinful attitudes], and you cannot.

2) Articles on the equality and dignity given to both sexes at creation, how Jesus treated women, women leaders in the Bible, etc., claiming you can be a feminist for Jesus.

The “Jesus was a feminist” folks (my people!) are doing a great job, but they do not bridge the gap between “feminism is for equality and this is good” and “feminism is for more than equality and this is bad.” This article will try to bridge that gap, to actually discuss the talking points of the anti-feminists.


Claim 1: ” Today’s feminists goes beyond equality to [insert sinful attitudes]”

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Reba caught her employee stealing, and fired her. The ex-employee took her to the CCMA, a South African court for labour disputes. “What?”, bellowed the judge. “You fired her for stealing R3 000? Why, there are people a lot worse of off than you! I would respect you if you stood up for victims of the Antwerp Diamond Center robbery! Or the Schiphol Airport Heist! Or the Central bank of Iraq robbery! Read the rest of this entry »

unsilencedAlan Garrett sent me a copy of his book to review, and it was a pleasure to read.

This well-researched scholarly book makes the case for women in ministry, by explaining what the Bible says of women, their service to God, and their leadership. It covers Read the rest of this entry »

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Some time ago, I mentioned to a woman that I am worried about a certain (complementarian) message that she gave to the Sunday school children. Before you accuse me of meddling in things that are none of my business, please know that (a) I was also involved with Sunday School in that congregation at the time, and (b) what she taught was not in the handbook and (c) the writings of theologians from our church tradition speak against her message.

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In a previous post, I said I’m writing from a Christian Radical Feminist view. This may baffle or shock you: Does “radical” mean I hate men? Does it mean I will plant bombs in my women-favouring extremism? Not at all! “Radical” in radical feminism has to do with the word “root”: We look at the roots of patriarchy and sexism.

Google's definition of what "radical" means

Google’s definition of what “radical” means

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salt-and-light-bernie-rosageDid anyone ever tell you it seems you have another focus that is more important to you than Jesus?

“It seems that feminism is more important to you than Jesus.”
“Why do you blog on egalitarianism? Why not blog on Jesus instead?”


But the question is stranger than it sounds: Nobody actually only talks about Jesus, all aspects of Jesus, and nothing else.

Your practical service to the world may lie in being a truck driver, a school teacher, or a computer technician. You may need to write vehicle logbooks, report cards, or job cards without the word “Jesus” on them. Marriage counsellors will talk more of communication and the right attitude towards one particular human than about the life of Jesus.

Why be an architect or an admin clerk, a fisher or a farmer, a loving mother or a legal advisor, a ditch digger or drama teacher, if the world needs Jesus more than buildings, sorted paperwork, food, human care, legal advice, ditches or acting? Because following Jesus does not mean doing nothing except sitting with Jesus and talking to him, but making Jesus and His work your motivation behind every thing you do, being salt and light in the power of Jesus.

As such, if I preach feminism (equality between men and women, freedom from male oppression), I only need to show the world that the freedom and equality I preach is from God. If it is, then promoting this is being salt and light. It is bringing the truth and love of God to a broken world. Christians close to me may tell me God is calling me to other things (too?), but as for the rest:

Rom 14:4 Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To their own master, servants stand or fall.

Do not tell us Christian egalitarians to talk only of Jesus. This is our way of being salt and light.


Note: The picture is a painting by Bernie Rosage, found on Internet. Text and frame by blog owner.


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