Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

Myth: “Women are more easily deceived.”

This idea is based on 1 Timothy 2: 13-14:

Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. – Tim. 2:13-14

Note that the passage does not say women are more easily deceived. It gives the name of one undeceived sinner – Adam – and one deceived sinner – Eve. Neither that nor anything else in the Bible indicates women are more easily deceived. In fact, a few verses before, Paul says he persecuted the Christians “ignorantly” (1:13) – he did not know what is right. (But when Paul left his deception and ignorance behind, he became a teacher to many!)

And most of the false religions in the world were started by men, indicating that men could be very much deceived too, and also lead many others into their ways.

Comments on: "Myth: “Women are more easily deceived.”" (1)

  1. Cassandra Wright said:

    The Woman was deceived by the King of All Liars. She probably had no experience in this. She could trust other animals – why not this serpent, too? She wanted something that looked like a good thing to her. God’s command was to not eat the fruit. Where did she get the idea that she shouldn’t even touch it? Did she build that extra wall around the Law, did the Man tell her that to protect her? I can just imagine that somehow she came to believe that if she touched that fruit she would die. She reached out and gently tapped the fruit, and did not die. So did that mean she could eat it and not die? The serpent had her convinced that it was OK to change God’s rules and so as she wished. She was deceived.

    We don’t know a lot about what the Man was thinking, but we do know that he was there “with her.” Why did he not stop her? Did he watch and see that she was OK, so he ate, too. If so, he made the choice to disobey God’s words on his own, not because the Serpent had deceived him. There is no sign of trickery in the story.

    I never have been able to understand why it makes sense to so many that men should be able to teach but not women because the Woman was deceived, when the Man choose to do it. And why should women only teach children who are even more easily deceived?

    Never could make sense of it!


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