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Myth: “To submit to a husband mean to obey him”

See Eph 5:21:

Eph 5:21  Submitting yourselves to one another in the fear of God.

All in the church could not obey all others in the church, but all are called to be submitting to one another.

Also see 1 Pet. 2:13, and compare to Acts 5:29 – Peter believed in submitting to authorities, but was sometimes disobedient to them. The same can be said about Paul. This disobedience was not because the authorities asked them to do something blatantly sinful, but because they knew a good thing to do (telling about Jesus) and the authorities asked them not to do it.

Wives are asked in the Bible to submit – the same word used for how Peter and Paul submitted to authorities, even though they did not obey them.

Quoting Titus 2:5 (“obedient to their husbands”, it says in some translations) does not work either. The word translated obedient there is hupotasso, the same word translated as submitting in Eph 5:21, and as is subject in Eph. 5:24. That Greek word is never translated as “obey” anywhere else in the Bible, and should not be translated that way in Titus 2:5 either.

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    Thanks for writing.
    PS:4GOD is a known troll on most egalitarian sites.
    He constantly trolls Tim Fall


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