Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

Myth: “Marriage is meant to be an illustration of Christ’s relationship with the church, so that people are turned to God by seeing husbands in authority and wives in submission.”

The Bible never say marriage is supposed to be an illustration of Christ and the church. Instead, it calls Christ the illustration for marriages, and marriages should draw two specific examples from it:

a)     From the illustration of Christ and raising the church up from sin to stand alongside Him, righteous, and to reign with Christ, the man (the one with more power and knowledge in a 1st century Ephesian relationship) should get an example of loving and raising up his wife.

b)    As the church is subject to the good work Christ does, the wife is subject to her husband.

It does not claim she should worship him the way the church worship Christ, or that he should give up heaven to rescue her.

The word “authority” or anything with a similar meaning, is used only once in regards to Christian marriage – where it is said that husbands and wives have equal authority over each other’s bodies. Where Christ is the authority figure of Christians, the husband is most likely not (depending on the symbolic meaning of one disputed word) called the wife’s authority figure by Biblical teaching.

Marriages simply cannot be meant as an illustration of Christ and the church. Firstly, the Bible does not call it that. Secondly, to treat a husband as the church should treat Christ would be idolatry.


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