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Quotable quotes: An extraordinary response from an “ordinary” woman preacher

In a recent thread in a Facebook group, a woman in a position of church leadership grieved that she was called “in open rebellion against God’s word” by being a woman in a church leadership position.
To which Deborah Downs answered (with a quote she previously wrote on her blog:

“When we come down to the basics of the polarities, two truths remain. If I am called to the priesthood as a complementarian then I am extraordinary. If I am called to the priesthood as an egalitarian then I am ordinary. But in neither instance can I be construed as disobedient unless God has never and will never call a woman into leadership. But He has, and He does, therefore, I am either extraordinary or ordinary, but disobedient I am not.”

Dawn Wilson, also a female pastor, had an answer too. Once again, it points back to God and his calling, not what others think:

Those throwing this at you … to quote Sheldon … think they are having a BAZINGA moment .. as if they got you and now you have nothing to reply …. they have said the final all ending word.

Frustrating … yes … but not enough to go up on the ledge

My Scripture response to those who throw this statement at me is this …

1 Thessalonians 2:4 but just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not as pleasing to men but to God , who examines our hearts.

I throw the weight back on God and God’s approval of me and His examining of my heart motives. My BAZINGA right back at them!

The church should really learn to understand abuse: Tell Christianity Today to learn it

eveTrigger warning: Sexual abuse of a teenager, and condoning of it


This is yet more evidence that the Christian church, at large, does not understand or care about abuse:

take downChristianity Today’s Leadership Journal published an article  by a convicted ex- youth pastor, who sexually abused a teenager when he was in a position of trust over her. The nature of this article is not “I am a criminal, who caused this girl a lot of pain, having a long-term effect on her views on trust, relationships, sex, self-esteem, God and spirituality. I also hurt my wife, and others who trusted me.” It is: “I stumbled into an affair. We both did wrong. Now things are bad for me” – with a lot of preaching in between.

Many writers are telling them why they should take down the post, but this far, they are taking down negative comments instead. Commenters on more than one source told me, since yesterday, that they have left comments on that entry – and their comments were taken down. One say comments went from 75 to 15 in a few minutes, at another stage more than 20 comments disappeared again… (more…)

A vision for the church, and for an egalitarian logo

Bible pictures about Pentecost all have the same oversight in common: Invariably the pictures show flames on male heads and men

Freebiblepictures is a great site for Bible teachers - but their pictures on Pentacost - males with flames, males speaking about God, male listeners asking about the message, males fellowshipping together - do not reflect the truth of God's spirit coming to gift all flesh, of a Gal. 3:28 kingdom where male and female does not matter.

Freebibleimages is a great site for Bible teachers – but their pictures on Pentecost – males with flames, males speaking about God, male listeners asking about the message, males fellowshipping together – do not reflect the truth of God’s spirit coming to gift all flesh, of a Gal. 3:28 kingdom where male and female does not matter.

preaching the gospel. But Pentecost is the story of God’s spirit falling on manservants and maidservants, of sons and daughters prophesying. (See Acts 2:16-18)

The pictures are so male, because it is the reality of how the church at large thinks. It is male because the mere thought that women and even children could have the same spirit empowering them in the same way is not the first thing the artist think of.

In my vision, the church will look very much like and very much unlike these pictures: (more…)

The HEADSHIP Bible: Men’s role in the church

The translators of GRIME (Gender Role Implementation Edition of the Bible) updated their translation. There was a bit of a discussion about what to call it. Some favored BOSS (Bible of Supremacy and Submission), but in the end HEADSHIP (Husbandly & Ecclesiastical Authoritative Dominance, Subverting Her Into [her] Place) won out. To showcase the ground-breaking scholarly insight of the translation team of The HEADSHIP Bible, we bring you 1 Cor. 14 from verse 26, as it reads in their Bibles. (more…)

Women in church leadership, gays in church leadership?

If you support women in church leadership, it will soon lead to supporting homosexuals in church leadership – common hierarchical complementarian argument.

 My first question to the above complementarian claim is: So what?

To expound a bit more: If it was true, if Christian egalitarians will support homosexual preachers or elders, so what? Why should the church exclude all homosexual preachers and elders? You need to make a case that gays – even celibate ones – should not be allowed to preach or lead at church. Only if your case is accepted by your listeners, can you say women preachers will lead to undesirable results.

My second question will be: Why?

Why do anyone believe that the ordination of women leads to the ordination of homosexuals? Is there a logical progression? How do churches allegedly go from A – the ordination of women, to B – the ordination of gays? It hardly makes any sense. On the contrary, I believe that almost every  denomination large enough to have had more than 30 preachers in its time of existence have ordained homosexual males who hid their sexual preferences, or who vowed to be celibate. The ordination of homosexuals probably long predate the ordination of women in most denominations.

I don’t think the early church even asked someone’s sexual preference before calling him a preacher/ elder. They would have asked homo- and heterosexuals, men and women, to live a life of sexual purity, though.

You may interrupt here with: “We mean practising homosexuals!” Okay, if you mean practicing homosexuals, we could assume that “So what?” was answered. But “why?” becomes a bigger question  – the gap you have to bridge between allowing female (a common state in which half of humanity is born) preachers, and practicing gay (a behavioral choice) preachers becomes even bigger.



Please do not make any assumptions on my view of homosexual church leaders. Readers of my mother tongue blog, by the way, assume the opposite of what you would probably assume. They associate opposition to homosexuality with opposition to atheism, and there I often spoke out against New Atheism.

And gay apologists, please do not take offense at the words “practising homosexuals.” I am perfectly aware of why some in the gay community dislike the term. I use it because it is a term those I address here would probably use.

On being single when the church values marriage: My own experience

(This article was originally written in February for another blog with much higher traffic than mine. But it appears that the blog does not plan to use it, so I publish it here.)

It is Mothers’ Day. At the front door of my church, two ladies are giving out a little card to each mother passing to enter. I approach the door. Loudly, the one tells the other: “Don’t give one to her. She’s not a mother.”

On face value, that is just another true statement. But her intonation and facial expression said: “… and I am deeply suspicious of someone like her.” Perhaps it even meant: “How could a woman not want to be a mother?” (more…)

If you read only one egalitarian article ever, read HERE

With a header like that, I have to start and say I am not so conceited as to call anything I blogged ”The One Egal Article You Simply Have To Read.”

Nope. But I want to link to a great one, by Kristen Rosser. Here is a quote from it:

…But what does it actually mean, that a woman must be restricted, under male authority?  Why must she be?

Either women are not equal to men, because God created them with a certain lack of authority over themselves, or ability to lead others, that men do not lack… This makes women, in their essence as women, inferior to men…

Or women are equal to men, but God simply decided that women, because they are women, despite lacking nothing that He gave men for authority over themselves or leadership of others, may not use that authority or leadership… This makes God, in His essence, arbitrary and unjust.  He makes rules without good reasons…

But those who restrict women today don’t generally ask why.  They don’t think about what it means, that women should be restricted.  They don’t believe women are inferior, and they don’t believe God is arbitrary…

I first wanted to quote the penultimate and ultimate paragraphs which are even better, but those should be read as a powerful conclusion, and I do not want to take them out of context.

Please, those who restrict women for Bible reasons, go to that short article, and think about the simple idea of justice and ”do unto others” presented in it.

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