Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

What do you do if you are the only person at your church, your work, or in your family who care about certain equality issues?

What do you do if your church does not see that their speaker and leader line-up needs to be wider? If your family does not understand why your passion matters? If the country around you support and vote for an accused rapist, while not understanding why you feel triggered by it? If everyone around tells you to stop talking about the things that matter to you?

You are not alone. The greatest love and strength is with you – God. Can a bride be alone when looking at the groom? Of course not. Was Mary alone when she fell pregnant while not married, when Joseph wanted to leave? She may have felt that way, but she was not. Was Elijah and his servant alone when an army of horses and chariots surrounded them? No!

16 “Don’t be afraid,” … “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them. – 1 2 Kings 6:16”

Look at your Maker. Be energized in the knowledge that the Goodness and justice you want to see is found in the Lord. Know that your enemy is not the complementarian or the opposite political party or the sexists at work or the family members who do not understand. The enemy is spiritual, and God already won.

Let the One from whom all love and strength flow make you bold again, to bring his kingdom on earth as in heaven. I know, we get regular reminders that this broken world is not like heaven – yet.

Those reminders should tell us: We need to have our eyes on our Maker.


Comments on: "You are not the only egal around" (3)

  1. Cassandra Wright said:

    Well, at least we didn’t elect a leader who lies thru her teeth, steals from a supposed charity, and advocates for the death of thousands of unborn children.

    I am only saying this because you brought the subject up, assuming that everyone who agrees with you in one thing, agrees with you in all things,. I am extremely disappointed that you would make a political swipe like this. I hope that you pray for Mr. Trump more than you condemn him. I also hope that you learn to forgive people’s past mistakes as much as God has forgiven yours.

    Sorry, but I am very grumpy about the attitude of the losing side. I am not a great fan of Mr. Trump’s, and agree that he has done some horrible things in the past. So has Mrs. Clinton. The left side over looks her evils and yet enlarges his. This from people who seem to believe in second chances, love and the sovereignty of God – – ???? Guess it only applies to those on your side, and not to all people equally. Hmmmm.

    Delete this if you want, argue with it, etc. But don’t suppose that all people agree with you. VERY disappointed.


    • You are right on how I should not think everyone agree with me. And I do not. This is about times when people feel nobody agree.

      No sentence in “What do you do if…” paragraph apply to everyone. But I do know some sexual abuse victims who are devastated that many people voted for a sexual harasser and accused rapist. I acknowledge their pain, while not telling anyone what they should have voted.

      If you comment again, understand that the topic here is not politics. The topic is acknowledging how people sometimes feel like they are the only one to care about something. And there is someone infinitely bigger who also care. I do not imply God supports a political party, but that God cares about the issues that worries us.


  2. I appreciate your encouraging words Retha. Thank you.


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