Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

Dear Mrs. Noah…


Dear Mrs. Noah, what have you thought

when your husband built a big ship on a message from God?

Did you think he was crazy, or strange or silly

to make an ark on dry land – for a big flood? Really?


Did God speak to you too, and tell you what He will do?

Did you know the earth will be flooded, and did you cry

were there friends or distant cousins who were going to die?

Did you believe the animals will actually go in, two by two?


You were a good woman, that is why God saved you

But did you have daughters, seduced by bad men

whom you knew you will never see again?

How much did God tell your daughters-in-law, did God speak to them too?


When the earth was destroyed, you bravely built it up again

Did you feel like doing it, or was there simply no other choice for you and your men?

Did the power of this God, who commands animals and destroy the earth, make you afraid?

Or was it a source of hope, the thought that the Strongest One would come to your aid?

It is wrong to address, say, the wife of Peter Smith as “Mrs. Peter Smith.” She has her own name. But in this case, I do not know the name of Noah’s wife.


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