Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)


All the block-ee children sat

and heard of the builder who made them to rule the toy mat! image-28

She built some from round blocks in orange and red

their names will be “Jellels” was what she said.

Others were made from squares of wood in green,

those she called “Bootles” and the builder was keen

to tell how those blockees what she had to say:

She said she made block-ees to be like her in some way

She wants them to rule, and together defend

the toy mat. She made Jellels as the Bootle’s strong friends.


When the toys came alive, they ran around everywhere

at first, they did what the builder said, about her rules they did care

Then they got naughty, they push and they slap

(They even broke the goo slime jar’s big white cap.)

[Picture: Blockees running around, being naughty, things get dirty.]


The builder saw how everything was messed up

She saw how they were dented, and the slime running out of the cup.

Oh”, she said: “On a play mat like this, everything will be grimy

The block-ees will be dirty and hurting, and slimy.

Bootles will boss Jellels around,

there will be loads of sadness until I clean this ground!”


Wow”, said Benny – he was a Bootle boy.

Bootles will boss Jellels around, what a joy!

Jerry, you should carry my bag, and throw the shavings out of my pencil case.

Jenny, you should do my homework for me, and tie my shoelace…

[end of sample]
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I wrote the rhyming story of which this is the start to help teach children about equality, working together and not stereotyping another group. The story mirrors God making us, men starting to lord it over women at the fall, a broken world, having to work together against Satan (the dragon) to save the world, and restoration.

I would love to have it published (with better illustrations than I can do) and spread even in places where I do not have access to.

Perhaps someone who read here will know who may be interested in publishing a story like this if the rest is good? Please don’t get me wrong: I am not asking about a vanity press, that will print me as many copies as I pay for. I am praying for someone who believes in my story and will publish and distribute it because they believe children will like it/ learn from it.

It ends like this:

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