Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

Many parents are very worried that our sons are not masculine enough nowadays. Take for example Pastor Pete N. Jones, apparently a fan of Doug Wilson. He made a list of questions for conservative mothers, asking them to ponder how they may cause their sons to not be masculine enough. For the sake of his readers, I summed up his points in a handy flow chart:

conservative women guide

Just kidding, of course. Masculinity is not some special thing boys have to learn to follow God. Males and females simply have to get the fruit of the Spirit. And male Christianity is not so different from female Christianity that Jesus could not be a model for women, nor a mother be a model for her boys.

Blaming women in church for what men are is easy, but God will ask men to account for themselves. Mothers (the church kind and the literal kind) will not be asked to give account for the choices of men.

Comments on: "Who is to blame that your son is not masculine enough? A flow chart for conservative mothers" (8)

  1. Deborah West said:

    You’re exactly right!!! Quit blaming mothers. The Kinsey Institute claims that 37% of all males are latent homosexuals. Therefore, if a ‘son’ is not ‘masculine’ enough – it is SURELY the FATHERS fault.

    The terms ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ are simply cultural and social exceptions. Those terms have NOTHING to do with who we are in Christ. In Christ – we are all his equally beloved children.

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  2. Wouldn’t that chart work equally well for just about anything that has to do with Christian women? Bad finances…it’s your fault. Cheating spouse…it’s your fault. etc.

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    • Not just Christian women either. Women as a rule get blamed for male lust, family problems, getting assaulted, and just about everything that happens. When discussing a story of a child abused by the dad/ the boyfriend of the mother, most people I know first ask “How could a mother allow it?“, not “how could a man do it?” Women who live or lived as men (calling themselves transmen) say that when they were accepted as men, people were less critical of their actions, expected less of them, etc.

      This is something in which the church is sadly similar to the rest of the world. The church is not salt and light, following the one who came not to judge, but to save.


  3. “Blaming women in church for what men are is easy, but God will ask men to account for themselves.”

    Exactly. And this is something Jones totally ignores.

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  4. I just…what the crap even is masculinity? My husband is gifted with kids (there’s always a trail following him every time we’re at church or hanging out with parent friends) and he’s great at hospitality. He’s as manly as they come, as far as I’m concerned. Oh, for the day when we can stop being all hung up on men fitting into this box and women fitting into that one!

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    • Agreed. I wish “masculine” and “feminine” would be abolished. There is no need to tie genitals to personality traits.
      I recently did a test where they gave me 64% for masculinity and 42% for femininity (the numbers did not add up to 100%) and called me “casually masculine”. I found it so silly – I do not see things like “analytical” as more suitable for men, or “spend time on personal grooming” as meant for women.


  5. […] Retha Faurie over at Biblical Personhood has also made a very nifty flow chart to properly explain P… It’s endlessly entertaining. […]


  6. Angela Hurst over at Christians for Biblical Equality has a first-rate post on how Peter Jones’ article claims manhood is about taking responsibility, but then takes no responsibility, instead blaming women:


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