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Have you ever heard of feminists being described as “shrill”? I did.

shrillBut some criticisms tell us more of the critic than about the subject of the criticism. Take the ad hominem “shrill”, for example. “Shrill has two meaning groups:

1) Emitting a high-pitched sound, and

2) immoderate; strident, marked by great intensity

You tell us some feminists emit a high-pitched sound?

Yes. When women open their mouths, the sound that comes out is likely to have a higher pitch than when men do. (If you do a quick search, you will find that the word is never/ very seldom used against male speech.)

You think feminists are immoderate?

Yes. When we advocate for justice, we cannot say “Oh, being just half the time and unjust the other half is enough.” When we advocate against oppression, we cannot call it okay to oppress at home, but not at work, or to oppress emotionally, but not physically. When justice compromises with injustice, injustice wins.

Feminists are strident and intense?

That comes down to disliking that they passionately, strongly, disagree with you.

To recap: The crime of a “shrill” feminist is that she disagrees with you in a high-pitched voice, and does not compromise on what she sees as just.

The reason “shrill” is criticism is that people do not want women to disagree with them, to feel strongly about something that the critic does not agree about.

Women disagreeing with someone, feeling strongly about a matter, and going all out for their beliefs are is not, in itself, a bad thing. (The subject a particular woman feel strongly about could make it a wonderful or a terrible thing.)

People who make it an insult to be shrill – who cannot stand it when a woman disagree and stand up for her beliefs – are sexists. If not for sexism, words like “shrill” would not exist. Or they will apply to noises made by electronic equipment, not to women.

So, how do you handle a “shrill” feminist? Learn to respect high-pitched voices as much as lower ones, and to respect feminists for their “immoderately” intense commitment to justice and equality.

Comments on: "How to handle a shrill feminist" (6)

  1. Yep. The word ‘shrill’ is just one of many juvenile words that low self-esteem and/or narcissistic men utter when their so-called ‘entitlement/patriarchal’ views are being questioned.


  2. Mr. Patel said:

    Women will just go into a rant, and not give the male a right to reply, will condescendingly rattle on like a Gatling Gun. They are like short me, they have an power complex, and need to exercise it. When they cannot beat you by a reason exchange, they use the you are making me feel threatened. I always record encounters with women, not wanting to capture them on film, but just to show I am not acting in a threatening manner. They take objection as they then cant use you violated my space, made sexual advances or intimidate me. It always the case they are themselves guilty of the very thing they accuse men of doing, Turn the tables. I when the manager female, or is in or receptionist are employed the man is at a disadvantage. I send a woman in, this changes the whole dynamic. It like when a woman thinks by her female charms she will get away with a traffic offence and opens her cleavage, or act like oh I did not know officer with puppy eyes while she waits for the Police official to come to her car and the Police Officer then turns up to be a woman, they think I’m done for.


  3. Mr. Patel said:

    Typical when it suits uses the feminist car, like the racist card. Use thier charms when it is to your advantage, cry men are threatening me, when they have lost the argument, or pretend this is off topic if they have been outed.


    • My blog commenting guidelines are very simple: “Please keep comments on-topic and avoid name-calling, personal attacks, or speculations on the character or motives of the blog writer or other commenters.”

      You either cannot or do not want to follow them. Goodbye.


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