Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

I heard a new one today:

“God charged the man to take the lead for establishing a marriage and a new household (Gen. 2:24). This further proves male headship.”

Genesis 2:24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

What a prime example of reading into the text what you want to see! Here are two examples of men leaving parents and cleaving to a wife:

  1. Anne goes to Bob and his parents: “Come along, Bob”, she says. “I want you to marry me.” Bob leaves his parents and marries Anne.
  2. Charles goes to Edna (who may or may not live with her parents): “Come along, Edna,” he says. “I want you to marry me.” Charles leaves his parents and marries Edna.
He is going to leave his mother, but he is not taking initiative!

He is going to leave his mother, but he is not taking initiative!

Regardless of who took charge, the man still left his parents. Even the “establishing a new household” is reading with contemporary lenses: A young couple usually lived with their family in Bible times. They seldom started a new household upon marriage. Never, in the Bible, does God complain of couples not starting new households. The text does not say God called either the man or the woman to establish new households – if they move in with her parents (or other family members) he still left his father and mother.

If you really want to read into this text, you could as well read it this way:

“God wants men to only leave parents once they have a wife to take care of them. This is evidence of how men cannot survive without a mother/ wife to take charge.”

But this example of bad eisegesis is not being spread anywhere. It does not serve male interests, but the “men charged with taking initiative and starting a new household” does.

Comments on: "Complementarians say the darndest things: Leaving and cleaving as alleged evidence of male headship" (1)

  1. I agree, complementarians do say the darnest things, lol.

    Explained the Jewish way, ‘leaving’ means to to sever ties and loyalty to parents. It does mean to abandon or disown them. It means the man can’t be a ‘mommy’s boy’ any longer. (wow, does God know the male mentality or what!!!). The ‘cleaving’, which in my opinion is the word that complementarians really like to twist around, means to stick to like glue, to become spiritual bonded, to now have strong ties and loyalty to his WIFE, not his parents. This word has NOTHING to do with sex. It has to do with the relationship. The man is to transfer the need his need for intimacy from his parents and TO his wife. The third word and last – is become one flesh, that’s the sex part ;). And that means sex with ONLY the wife. No self-self, no selfish sex, no affairs, no porn. Only the wife. This is because God is all knowing. He knows that sex bonds people together or tears them apart. Notice the order. Leave, cleave, and then sex. And this is the way that Paul understood it also. All the work is on the MALE. Paul (Eps 5:25-31) tries very hard to explain to men how to leave, cleave, and be one. How to ‘agape’ their wives.

    God didn’t give the male ‘authority’ in any shape, form, or fashion. He give the male a job!!!! Few men are up to it. And I’m not sure a complementarian even understands what job in marriage really is.


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