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Everyone is happy?

What on earth would motivate me to draw a doodle like this?

To be honest, I did it ages ago and cannot quite remember. My best guess is it was Doug Wilson, when he told us everyone will be happy if men can conquer and colonize while women yield and surrender, as (his idea of how) God designed the world to work.


If you have any use for the drawing, feel free to reblog it, or share on Facebook. ( If you want to use it in media which people pay to consume, contact me.)

Comments on: "Everyone is happy?" (5)

  1. You absolutely nailed it!!!!

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the ‘conquer and colonize’. Yep, because Christ was a warrior with sword and propagated 1,000 children????? Where ever did Doug Wilson(?) get such a notion??? Christ WEPT with others in sorrow, Christ healed the sick, Christ sent his disciples to SPREAD the word, not conquer the world.


  2. No…This is not how God designed world…Man and Woman…both are equal and are 2 wheel’s of a wonderful family truck….However since man is more masculine…Its only fair that he should provide for her better half and become her ultimate white knight and prince charming 🙂


  3. Michelle said:

    Please read the link I posted re: benevolent sexism; it should answer your question. If you find it does not, please ask a more specific question here and I will try to answer it in a different way. I believe the article addresses your current question. Thank you.


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